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AGORA PALEOBOTANICA is an association (French law of 1901) that brings together researchers and amateurs interested in paleobotany and palynology. Its objectives are to promote research and acquisition of knowledge in these disciplines and to disseminate information relevant to their development through its network.

Agora Paleobotanica was created in Paris on July 6, 2011. The association was created to replace, continue, and strengthen the work of the OFP (Organisation Française de Paléobotanique), which dissolution was passed the same day.

The OFP had been founded in 1984 with the objective of fostering collaboration between research teams by holding meetings, organizing events, and disseminating newsletters. More than fifteen OFP meetings were organized in paleobotany research centers in France, Belgium, and Spain.


Agora Paleobotanica members regularly organizes meetings that allow paleobotanists and palynologists to meet, exchange, and present their work in a friendly atmosphere. Field trips are often organized during these meetings. 

Recent and upcoming meetings

  • 2020: No meeting (International Organisation of Paleobotany Conference in Prague)
  • 2019: the meeting took place in Lille from July 11th to July 13th. A little more than 20 oral communications and posters took place at the Museum of Natural History and on the campus of the university. The congress ended with a visit to the historic mining center of Lewarde.
  • 2018: no meeting (European Palaeobotany and Palynology Conference in Dublin)
  • 2017: the 2017 meeting was held July 10-12, in Montpellier, France. About thirty persons participated in 2 days of communications and a field-trip in the Permian basin of Lodève.
  • 2016: July 7-9 July in Brussels, Belgium. The conference brought together around thirty participants from ten different countries. A little over 20 talks and posters were given at the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences of Belgium. A day of fieldtrip allowed us to see fossils from the Devonian and Paleocene.
  • 2015: July 6-9 in Autun, France, to commemorate the work done in the region by Bernard Renault (1836-1904). This congress gathered about 40 participants and 31 talks and posters were presented. A half-day long fieldtrip focussed on a megaflora (impressions) and silicified wood from the Autun Permian Basin (website).
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  • 2014: No meeting (IXth European Palaeobotany and Palynology Conference in Padova).
  • 2013: July 9-13 juillet in Ariño, Spain. This congress gathered 35 participants and 40 talks and posters were presented. Field trips allowed the participants to see early angiosperms in several Creataceous localities of Terruel Province and a Miocene paleoflora (website).
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  • 2012: June 21-22 in Lyon, France.

Prix Boureau

Students are strongly encouraged to present their work at the meetings. The “Prix Boureau” (created in 1999) is awarded to the best talk at the annual meeting by a student or postdoc member of Agora Paleobotanica. It is named after the French paleobotanist Édouard Boureau (1913-1999).

In 2019 the Prix Boureau was awarded to Cédric DEL RIO for his talk « Paleocarpological studies of the early Eocene Jianglang site (Bangor County, central Tibetan Plateau): biogeographic and paleoenvironmental implications« , with co-authors T.-X. Wang, S.-Q. Liang, J. Liu, T. Su & Z.-. Zhou.

  • 2017: Aixa TOSAL  & Agathe TOUMOULIN
  • 2016: Giovanni SCANU
  • 2015: Alma Rosa HUERTA-VERGARA and Mélanie TANRATTANA.

Current board (2015-….)

Previous board: Président: B. Diez ; Secretary: D. Franceschi ; Treasurer: A. Boura.

The next elections will take place at the next general assembly at IOPC in Prague.


The annual membership fee is 10 euros for persons with a permanent position and 5 euros for students, postdocs and people without a permanent position.

Membership fees and applications should be sent to:

Dr. Anais Boura
Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle CR2P-UMR7207-CP48
57 rue Cuvier
75231 Paris Cedex 5, France

For any other question: contact one of the board members or send a message to agorapaleobotanica[at]gmail[.]com